The Basic PhotoScan Process

Photogrammetry is a new enough technology that few of us are experts in the process. While finding a tutorial to lead you through the most basic steps in Agisoft PhotoScan is not too difficult, most of these have slight variations on the techniques involved and the information provided. Compounding this, the documentation for PhotoScan often has very little detail about what the settings do.

When completed, this page will hold the pooled knowledge of our members on the steps to create a good 3D model in general. Guides to specific subjects (underwater, small objects, drones, etc.) will be separate. To accomplish the collaborative approach, each step will be released weekly as a series. Members will have a week to comment and an edited version of that post will take its place here.

Since this promises to be a fairly long guide, see the menu on the right for navigating the steps.

As always, any thoughts or questions are welcome!