Step 2: Adding Photos

There is no model until you tell the program which photos to use. While in PhotoScan, simply select the “Workflow” dropdown menu and click on “Add Photos” or “Add Folder.” Navigate to your photos, select them, and click “Open.” That is it!

Okay, not quite. One way to make sure your photos align as best as possible, and to increase the detail of your model, is to use a program like Camera Raw. All you need to do (if using Camera Raw) is open all of your pictures together and increase the contrast to just before the shadows start merging together. Then you save these versions with the exact same names in a separate folder, do not save over your originals! If you follow this step, add these high contrast pictures instead of the originals.

Flat lighting (left) has some hard to see details. Slightly adjusting the contrast (middle) can help this texture pop out for PhotoScan. Don’t take it too far though or you are losing details (right). (Images by Author)