Step 5: Building the Dense Cloud

Now that PhotoScan knows what points you want it to work with, it is time to ink in those lines. Go back to your “Workflow” drop-down menu and select “Build Dense Cloud…” Another window pops up. In the new window, the drop-down menu next to “Quality” will let you chose the (you guessed it!) quality of your dense cloud. I switch between “High” and “Medium” myself, but steer clear of “Ultra High” unless you have a really beefy computer.

dense-cloud-windowUnder the “Advanced” section you will find “Depth Filtering.” This is all about removing outlier points. If you have, and want, lots of fine detail in your model, choose “Mild” from the dropdown menu. If you are making the model for 3D printing, or do not care about small details like a crazy person, select “Aggressive.” Click “Okay.”

That is all for Step 5! I told you the rest was simpler. The progress window will pop up and will take anywhere from an hour to several hours to complete.

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